IT Audits, Simplified!

The solution for smarter IT Audits

AuditPad is a secure, cloud-based solution that makes it easy for enterprise
organizations to identify and manage technology risks, including IT security risks.

Features and Benefits:

Cloud Based

With AuditPad, your data follows you. No extra applications to install, and it all works over a secure link with your browser. Your data and our application are hosted securely and we understand the trust you’re placing in us. AuditPad will always be responsive and easy to use, with the smoothness of a native application and the scalability of the cloud.

Work Programs Included

We’ve developed audit work programs that encompass a number of common frameworks, including ISO 27001, COBIT, and ITIL, as well as best-current-practices. These prepackaged work programs are used as source material for your audit, whether your organization is hosting ePHI, PCI data, or has a service provider relationship which requires SOC 2 compliance.

Audit Reports

The output of your work with AuditPad is a professional quality report, with specific findings, recommendations, and risks that can be used by your organization to meet GRC goals. AuditPad exports data in XML, MS Word, PDF and presentation format for sharing results with different stakeholders within your organization.


The view of your audit is always live. Have a subject-matter-expert that won’t answer questions? We’ll hound them until they do, automatically. Sections or individual questions may be delegated to other people within your organization to be answered, and you can track progress from the AuditPad dashboard. Using modern web technologies enables AuditPad to provide a live view of your work. No need to refresh, reload, or hit silly submit buttons. Every part of AuditPad represents live data - until you choose to archive your work.

Saves Time & Money

When you need a third-party to provide attestation, you can use AuditPad as a readiness tool. Use our work programs to get up to speed on the requirements you’ll face in an external audit before the auditor starts their billable hours! Let your third-party auditor view the results of your audit so she’s fully aware of your environment and historical information before wasting time on redundant efforts.

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